Terminal Parking

What is Meet & Greet?

Meet and Greet airport parking is also commonly known as Valet Parking. A Chauffeur will collect your vehicle from a designated point at your terminal and park it for you at a highly secured car park and return it on your Arrival at your terminal’s designated point.

How to Drop and Pick your vehicle

arrow2 On the day, drive directly to your terminal at Heathrow airport.
arrow2 Call us on 078 5736 6664 when you are 20 to 30 mins away from the terminal and have a Chauffeur dispatched. Do not wait call us until you reach your terminal. If you are running late or early please do keep us posted.
arrow2 Meet our Chauffeur at our designated point mentioned in our “Direction to Terminals” instructions.
arrow2 Hand over the vehicle to our fully insured Chauffer, sign a the paper work and head straight into your terminal check-in desk.
arrow2 Fully insured Terminals Parking Chauffeur will drive your vehicle into our highly secured car park located just within 4 miles from the airport.
arrow2 On your safe return, we require you to call us twice on 078 5736 6664. Once as soon as you land and the other as soon as you collect your lugguage.
arrow2 Sign the paper work and collect your vehicle from our designated point at your terminal.


IMPORTANT : When making a booking you are required to enter the vehicle DROP off time (on your Departure from Heathrow) and the FLIGHT LANDING time for vehicle PICK up (on your Arrival at Heathrow) as we operate according to the timing you provide us.